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Buy tokens before they are publicly traded on decentralised exchanges via our Initial DEX Offering (IDO) powered by

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There are two ways to purchase our token, either via Uniswap, or using the STARbot Telegram bot

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​​If you already own a crypto wallet and know what you are doing, then you can buy via UNISWAP, the leading decentralised crypto trading protocol


​If you are new to crypto, STARbot can generate you a crypto wallet and simplify the process.

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Welcome to Sandrock Capital LTD, a pioneering force in the fusion of trading, education, investments and blockchain technology. Established May 2020, with over 20 years of trading and investment experience, Sandrock empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools to navigate the financial markets confidently. We are now embarking on an exciting new venture with the introduction of the SANDROCK TOKEN


Our mission is to utilise the Sandrock token to create an ecosystem where learning and rewards to our community go hand-in-hand.
With your support, we will enhance our liquidity, expand our services, invest, reward and solidify our position as a leader in the financial education and investment space.

Rewards System

Innovative reward systems including Ethereum airdrops and Gold-backed NFT revenue shares.
Fair and sustainable rewards model: Tiered rewards model based on cumulative Eth spend (not on number of tokens held).


Beginner and advanced trading and investment education for informed decision-making.


A vibrant and active members community.


A range of investments, including emerging technologies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and physical assets.

Collaborations with leading entities offering diverse tier-based benefits, from HNW regulated products, FCA Regulated fund, branded pre-paid cards, mining rigs, data centres to defi trading tools

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